2020, a year of challenges and learnings for supply chains

We are a few days away from the end of 2020, a complex and challenging year marked by constant changes, challenges and learning. The health contingency, without a doubt, was the disruption that tested the supply chain’s ability to respond with agility to changes; First, before the closure of China, a nation that for decades has gained its position in international trade as one of the main suppliers of products, supplies and services.

Supply chains should have learned first that resilience is a cornerstone in this context; second, that having state-of-the-art technology allows us to adapt to changes; and third, that it is key to add data analysis tools to take advantage of new business opportunities.

The next year that is about to begin is the right time to put into practice all that you have learned; which will lead us to shape a new industry, with resilient, analytical and intelligent supply chains that are capable of facing any future disruption.

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