As part of the end-to-end supply chain services that it offers to manufacturers, MES can perform a wide range of assemblies, from simple two-component assemblies to complex assemblies. Quality assurance processes are in place to ensure the consistent quality of each assembly.

MES provides fabrications and assemblies custom developed to meet the individual specifications and tolerances for each part and each customer. Customers rely on MES to determine the most efficient manufacturing and assembly process, and then produce the components and manage the entire supply chain process, including inventory management. The end result? Consistently high-quality fabrications and assemblies.

MES is well equipped to provide a variety of sub-assemblies using a variety of fasteners, adhesive and welding technologies.


  • Parts are delivered ready to use
  • Increased manufacturing efficiency
  • Lower lead times
  • Time and money savings
  • Simple or complex assemblies

Materials used for Assemblies

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