Automotive industry prepares for decarbonization

The sale of vehicles that work with more environmentally friendly energies is increasingly common, in 2021 alone, Mexico added more than 30,100 cars, according to information from the Mexican automotive industry.

And the numbers continue to grow. More and more industries have abandoned planning to execute strategies that imply improvement in their processes, becoming cleaner, organic and sustainable.

Reducing the consumption of fossil fuels in the production processes of the automotive industry has become an absolute priority. More and more companies in the sector are approaching companies like Enlight to assess how they can implement sustainable solutions to mitigate polluting emissions in their production lines.

The automotive sector faces an important challenge, both in productive and environmental terms. The decarbonization of its processes and products thanks to greater energy efficiency and savings in emissions from fuel transport would reduce CO2 emissions by up to a third, compared to those generated in the entire process around a passenger car. internal combustion.

The control and management of the consumption and demand for energy from fossil fuels have become the objective for a large number of automotive companies.

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