Benefits of re-industrialization in Mexico

The re-industrialization process constitutes an indispensable dimension to recover the capacity for growth and economic, social and political development of Mexico. It’s based on new conditions for industrial SMEs to propose actions to promote, strengthen, and develop the majority of micro, small, and medium industries in Mexico.
Seeking to ensure that Mexico affirms its self-determination to be a technological-industrial economic power, this process aims to allow local companies in the industrial sector to supply large markets, be it department store chains or self-service chains.
As a basic component of this process, it is necessary to consider the industrial sector as a fundamental actor; since its contribution to the reindustrialization of the country is of strategic importance in the recovery of national industrial added value, economic growth and the generation of formal jobs and the strengthening of economic value chains at the sectoral, regional and national levels, such as they recognize government public policies.
The Strategy for the Re-industrialization process in Mexico, with a short, medium and long-term scope, includes national public, private and social investment, job creation, the use of national and international markets, and the development of national technologies, which it can become the substantive content of a national agreement between industrialists and the authorities responsible for industrial development.
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