Burr, a problem in the production line

After the emptied proceeds to the cleaning of the casting, or deburring
After emptying, the piece of cast iron will be cleaned or deburred. This cleaning includes the elimination of sharp edges and superfluous metal (blisters, burrs, crusts, etc.), as well as sprues and sand adhered to the piece. For such operations it will be necessary to use hand tools or portable pneumatic tools.
Burrs are leftovers of material on the edges of an object, they can become very annoying to achieve repeatability in a caliber if we do not consider their presence.
Why are burrs formed?

  • The edge is not sharp enough.
  • The advance is too small for the roundness of the edge.
  • Chipping or wear in notch at the depth of cut.
  • Burr formation at the end or beginning of the cut.

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