Celaya: Mexico’s logistic future

If we talk about the Bajio, we have to mention Celaya, an undisputed protagonist of the region’s economic development. Not only because of the global companies that have established themselves in this city, but also because of the great businessmen and businesswomen from Celaya who have been a fundamental pillar in the impulse and strategy of Guanajuato and Mexico for the world. The great secret of Celaya is that it has diversified its industry, it has not concentrated on a single one, which makes it have a special dynamism and the people of Celaya have a mastery in development. Celaya draws an industrial diversity in pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, automotive, appliances, cardboard, electrical appliances, power generators, steel, chemicals and food processing.

Taking the pandemic crisis as a starting point, companies and businesses have had to implement new and different practices in order to strengthen supply chains that will lead them to survive, adapt and recover from the blow that COVID-19 brought to the world.

A major impact for industries was the reality that production chains were not so easy to adapt to after the great changes in the demand for goods and services, and likewise, mobility and logistics had their limitations to speed up delivery times, and it is precisely this opportunity that the country must take advantage of to attract businesses and industries that can make the most of these conflicts and turn them into opportunities for further development. In reality, Mexico has the power to make the United States more competitive and to boost Mexico’s economy.

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