CONCAMIN; support for the growth of the national industry.

Concamin acts as a representative of the industrial sector in Mexico, supporting the economic issue to work on an economic increase that benefits our country.
This representative of the industry develops with specific objectives such as:
– Monitor business activities in the industrial sector.
– Represent the interests of the industry before the state.
– Promote its development, exercising the right of petition of each industry.
– Request when appropriate the issuance, modification or repeal of laws or administrative issues.
– Promotes and protects the development of the national industry, acting as a judge in conflicts between affiliates.
– Plays the role of union in industrial bankruptcies.
Concamin’s main purpose is to represent the industry in a positive way, with leadership and techniques to work on projects with precision, providing charitable cooperation to achieve sustained growth of the industry in our country.
What topics does the Confederation of Industrial Chambers address:
Organism committed to the economic growth of the country.
Consulting body on all issues related to the industry in Mexico, according to the Law of Business Chambers and its Confederations.
 Concamin addresses the most relevant issues of the industry in our country, proposing conditions that exploit efficiency, competitiveness and economic profitability in national production chains, taking advantage of opportunities in international trade and the national market.
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