Covid-19 impact on commerce and services in Nuevo León was 54,740 million pesos

Based on the national and state GDP figures, a single closing day for companies in the commerce and non-essential services sectors in Nuevo León is equivalent to 782 million pesos.
During the period of confinement for non-essential companies in Nuevo León, it was 70 days, and the loss in terms of the state’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was of the order of 54,740 million pesos, in the commerce and services sectors, the Chamber said. National Trade, Services and Tourism of Monterrey (Canaco Servytur Monterrey).
The agency commented in a statement that all the efforts made to avoid the contagion of Covid-19 and the saturation of the hospital system are good, but the cost-benefit of the restriction measures must be evaluated.
The great challenge for the authorities is to identify where the infections really are, to design strategies that help reduce the transmission of the virus and the number of infected people and at the same time take care of the state’s economy.
Other alternatives should be sought to significantly reduce mobility, without seriously affecting the economic activity of companies and families.
The foregoing, considering that, according to an estimate by our Chamber based on the figures of the national and state GDP, it showed that a closing day of companies in the commerce and non-essential services sectors of Nuevo León is equivalent to 782 millions of pesos.
The agency mentioned that the figures for the health and economic impacts of Covid-19, at the national and state level are overwhelming, and work must be done to reduce the possibility of a third crisis, the social one.
We urge state authorities to carefully evaluate their actions to restrict mobility, it is easy to close, limit or fine companies, the complex thing will be to restore the economic situation prior to this pandemic, generate new companies and new jobs, and maintain the welfare of the population.

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