Difference between logistics and supply chain management

It is common that we confuse logistics with supply chain management, they are usually very similar but they are different, one depends on the other, we explain why:
What is logistics?
The logistics consists in the planning, execution and control of the products that are delivered to the client in the correct quantity, quality and time. Logistics usually includes processes such as transport management, fleet, storage, order planning, inventories of products or forecasting supply and demand, among others.
The logistics seeks to offer the best service at the lowest cost, to deliver quality products to customers.

What is the supply chain?

The supply chain is what controls the entire workflow in the management of products, from storage, distribution, to final contact with suppliers and customers.
In the supply chain are responsible for finding quality raw materials at a good price, so that the costs are not high.
In the delivery process, the logistics delivers the product on time; the supply chain seeks to improve this time and that of other activities.
You must take into account that logistics or supply chain, the distribution and delivery of products must be done in the most efficient way possible. Only then will improvements be achieved for the development of your company.

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