Digital transformation to boost supply chains

The global digital supply chain market is projected to reach 13,679 million dollars by 2030, registering an annual growth rate of 13.2%, according to data from the Study “Region: analysis of global opportunities and forecast of the industry, 2021-2030”, prepared by the Allied Market Research firm, which is why Miebach Consulting recommended digital transformation to re-boost the supply chain, as indicated by Jorge Ribas, Managing Partner of Miebach Consulting Mexico in an interview.

Key elements for developing and implementing smart supply chain solutions:

1.- Improving Supply Chains through solutions and technologies to generate knowledge from data, turn it into information and turn that information into recommendations or new ideas, then you must have Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

2.- Creation of web and mobile applications to solve new (specific) challenges of the supply chain not covered with conventional solutions.

3.- Development and implementation of Control Towers for supply chains, which allow end-to-end visibility. Integrate information about activities from different sources in a control panel, in different tools that allow me to visualize it and from that to be able to make decisions, either by suggestion of the systems themselves or predictively (or by the evaluation made by certain functions of this visibility).

4.- The creation of Digital Twins (digital twins) or simulation models that allow me to interact between the digital world and the real world in an integrated, synergistic way.

Today’s supply chains need to transform to remain competitive. They must be at the forefront of technology to satisfy their customers.

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