E-commerce in Latin America

E-commerce and e-retail in Latin America point to hypergrowth, led by Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. On the one hand, in leading markets such as Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, where current trade penetration is 70%, growth of 30% per year is expected until 2025.

Although the pandemic prompted the increase in online shopping, it has become a habit, which is why, according to AMI (Americas Market Intelligence), the volume of online retail sales is expected to grow by 40% at the regional level, becoming the main vertical of digital commerce.

Regarding the opportunities for electronic commerce in the region, cell phones are an important digitization tool. For Latin American economies, where the gaps in Internet access are smaller, mobile devices have become the bridge for inclusion in the digital world. This has allowed them to have access to communication, online education, virtual entertainment and online payments.

Over the past two years, the pandemic has brought millions of new consumers to e-commerce. Added to the digital acceleration, cell phones became the preferred device for making online purchases (60% of the volume of online purchases in Latin America).

Mexico is the Latin American giant in the sector, after Brazil, responsible for 29.33% of e-commerce in the region and with a penetration of 65%. In Latin America, retail e-commerce sales through mobile devices are projected to reach 75.65 billion dollars this year and by 2023 a continuous growth of 15% is expected. By 2025, M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce) sales in the region are projected to reach 107 billion dollars.

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