The new DNA of commercial companies is logistics

Telmex President Carlos Slim considers that opportunities are opening up to attract investment for Mexico and all of Latin America with China’s commitment to higher-value products.

The businessman maintains that in the new era that has opened after the pandemic, the DNA of companies will change. He said that this will happen with commercial companies, for which “their new DNA is logistics, without it, there will be no supply,” he said at the II International Economic Forum EXPANSIÓN, organized in collaboration with the international think tank The European House Ambrosetti, under the slogan Building a sustainable world for the new generations.

The Mexican businessman assured that the sub sectors will acquire special importance for the future and that this will open opportunities such as those appreciated for Mexico and all of Latin America with the economic development of China, which is relegating the importance of its manufacturing industry in favor of higher quality products. value: “There is an opportunity to attract investment.”

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