Growth of the Automotive industry in Mexico

Mexico has become the fourth world-wide exporter of vehicles, already moved in the last year to Brazil of the seventh place at the level of production. In 2014, it manufactured 3.7% of global production. It´s estimated to reach fourth place in less than a decade – only below China, the United States and Japan. Today there are eight brands that produce vehicles in Mexico.
Reasons why Mexico enters the fourth world exporter of vehicles:

  • Geographic location of the country, at the gates of the US automotive market – the largest in the world -, with good connections to the Atlantic and the Pacific, with Asia in focus, make Mexico an attractive center.
  • Its network of Free Trade Agreements, which give it access to 45 countries, also makes it a place that arouses investor interest.
  • Consensus among the different players in the industry, is the workforce.

Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lincoln Mercedes Benz … some of the companies of the sector called “premium” that decided to move part of their production to Mexico.
Mexico expects to produce six million vehicles by 2022 and thereby move Germany from fourth place worldwide.
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Source: BBC

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