How to implement a kanban system?

The KANBAN system controls what is produced, in what quantity and when. Its purpose is to ensure that you only produce what the customer is asking for and nothing more, understanding as a customer, the process that is in the next stage of the production process.
The client of the last process, yes that will be the real client. It is what we call the pull production (which we will see later).
Implementing a Kanban system means that:

  • The above processes never take production to later processes. It is the subsequent process that pulls (pull system) and not the previous process that pushes.
  • Nothing is ever done without authorization from Kanban.
  • You have to be able to identify the defects as close as possible to the source.
  • It is not possible to operate with large batches or large amounts of modifications in the production plan.

As with the implementation of any other lean manufacturing tool, you will need to do so as part of a general philosophy within the company. You should always try to meet the necessary conditions so that the kanban is implemented as easy as possible, as we have seen previously.
Kanban is not something that goes to work overnight, nor is it something that can be put in place without explanation or training. Nor is there a single solution that suits all the solutions that will be right for you.

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