How to reduce pollution problems in the industrial material

To prevent pollution in the industry can be achieved through two methods of minimization of waste at the source: changes in the product and changes in production processes.
Changes in the product include modifications in the composition of the product to reduce the volume and toxicity of the waste during the life cycle of the product. Changes in the process include various product modifications to minimize the amount of waste generated in production.
A pollution prevention program is a detailed study of the operations of an industry in order to minimize all types of waste. It includes:
– Reduce the risk of civil and criminal liability.
– Decrease operating costs.
– Improve worker motivation and participation.
– Enhance the company image in the community.
– Protect public health and the environment.
Waste minimization techniques for the prevention of contamination can be divided in four categories: stricter inventory management, modification of production processes, reduction of waste volume and waste recovery.
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