IMMEX, What are its benefits?

The IMMEX Program offers its holders the possibility of temporarily importing duty-free import and VAT, the goods necessary to be used in an industrial or service process for the preparation, transformation or repair of goods of foreign origin imported temporarily for export or for the provision of export services.
The benefits of this scheme is to be able to make temporary imports by eliminating some non-tariff regulations and to defer payment of the General Import Tax.
The main direct benefits of the IMMEX program are:

  • Reduction of the Customs Processing Law.
  • No VAT payment on national purchases.
  • Ease to make virtual requests.
  • Preparation of consolidated import orders.
  • Obtaining the VAT refund, when you have balances in your declarations.
  • Authorization, simultaneously, of a Sector Promotion Program, with which machinery, equipment and spare parts can be imported.
  • Automatic registration to the register of importers, without the need to carry out the process.

To obtain the IMMEX program it is necessary to perform certain procedures meeting certain requirements; The applicant must have:

  • Advanced electronic signature certificate (SAT)
  • Federal taxpayer registration
  • Your tax address must be active and registered in the federal taxpayer registry.

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