Industrial parks: A new impulse for the Mexican industry

In recent years, industrial growth in Mexico has benefited from various factors, one of them is expansion to various states of the Republic, which allows expanding operating processes and diversifying the market into new regions.

In this sense, the Mexican Association of Private Industrial Parks (AMPIP) plays an important role because it has positioned itself as a leading organization in the promotion of the country’s industrial infrastructure, with 360 parks distributed in the 23 states with the greatest presence. in manufacturing and logistics issues, as well as 67 members represented in practically the entire national territory.

These data reflect not only information from the industrial parks but also from the companies that stay and work within its facilities, which are global companies, some of them with many years in Mexico. In addition, they reveal that in recent periods they have been very good at bringing new global companies to the country.

The country’s private industrial parks increase the probability of generating new flows of direct foreign investment, since global companies always look for a place that has certain characteristics or variables, such as geographical location that facilitates access to markets, and availability of workforce with the talent required by different industries, among other advantages that Mexico offers.

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