Industrial parks in Mexico, the best ally

Mexican manufacturing is excellent and very competitive. During the last decades, Mexico has managed to insert itself into the productive chains of the North American region and has successfully involved Asian and European processes at all times.

Mexico has numerous opportunities to do business and create collaborative partnerships with innovation leaders due to the size of its market, its workforce, international treaties, and the experience of its industrial sectors in various phases of the production chain, in the development of processes or the manufacture of components and final goods that characterize it in the world.

In this context, industrial parks are particularly important, not only because of the infrastructure guarantee, a geographical location that facilitates access to markets, but now, more than ever, because of the safety and sustainability that these spaces offer.

In Mexico it is the Mexican Association of Private Industrial Parks, A.C. (AMPIP), which represents the industrial real estate sector and today has a membership that is present in 430 industrial parks and buildings located in 27 entities in the country.

Industrial parks in Mexico are a very well integrated business community and are the best example at the national level of how industrial location can be decisive for success. In view of changing markets, technologies and conditions, companies are challenged with continuous change. Industrial parks are an excellent example of the contribution that needs-based infrastructure and efficient operation can make to the successful development of a business.

And it is natural that, due to its great importance, industrial parks are also aligned with world trends. National and foreign companies are increasingly looking for sustainable parks, and spaces that are empathetic with workers and understanding with communities. For this reason, today real estate spaces in industrial parks seek certifications that assess the environmental impact of construction, the introduction of clean energy, and social responsibility actions.

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