Investment in AI, key for logistics development in Mexico

According to a study conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC), it is estimated that by 2023 the global logistics industry will increase its investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) by 250 percent. And it is undoubtedly that the sector has been positioning itself for some time as one of the spearheads in terms of the incorporation of new technologies into its daily management.

And that should not surprise us, the effects of a 2020 marked by the pandemic and the restrictions were felt in an area that had to respond to unprecedented pressure in its history. Those who best responded to the “perfect storm” were those who had advanced the task by including cutting-edge elements to their processes, being able to face an exponential increase in demand and controlling expenses at a time of uncertainty.

In this logic, Artificial Intelligence offers a key potential: anticipating events, mitigating risks, improving and planning routes, forecasting demands, as well as analyzing response capacity and offering solutions in real time. Today, AI is transforming the entire supply chain management, from the first purchase click to dispatch to the final customer, significantly reducing costs, times and optimizing operations. All this, thanks to the machine learning capacity that is achieved through the processing of valuable information.

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