Know the activities that are carried out in a warehouse …

Warehouses are centers that are structured and planned to carry out storage functions such as: conservation, control and dispatch of goods and products, reception, custody, etc. The warehouse is responsible for regulating the flow of stocks.
The main activities carried out in the warehouses are:
It is the process that consists of giving input to the goods that the suppliers send. During this process, it is verified that the merchandise received coincides with the information contained in the delivery notes.
It is also necessary to check during receipt of the merchandise if the quantities, quality or characteristics correspond to the order.
It consists of the location of the merchandise in the ideal areas for it, with the objective of accessing them and that they are easily located.
For this, fixed means are used, such as industrial mechanical shelves, warehouses, installations, supports, etc. and internal transport means such as trucks, elevators or conveyor belts.
During the time that the merchandise is stored, it has to be kept in perfect condition.
The conservation of the merchandise implies the application of the current legislation regarding hygiene and safety in the warehouse, in addition to the special rules on maintenance and care of each product.
One of the key functions of determining the quantity of each product to be stored, calculating the quantity and the frequency with which each order will be requested in order to minimize storage costs.
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