Know the areas who make up a warehouse

The size and distribution of these three areas depends on the volume of operations and the organization of each company.
Reception Area: The rapid flow of incoming material, so that it is free of any congestion or delay, requires the correct planning of the reception area and its optimal use.
The space required for the reception area depends on the maximum volume of merchandise that is discharged and the time of its permanence in it.
The study that is done to choose a storage area or to distribute a zone already chosen, has to be done according to three factors:

  • Entity that will be served.
  • The space that is available.
  • The articles that will be stored in it

Storage Area: In the storage area, the space required to fulfill the purposes of the warehouse is studied, since this requires carrying out the operations that form the storage cycle, for which it is essential to have enough space where possible. act in an organized way, without inconveniences or setbacks.
Delivery Area: The merchandise that has been taken from the storage area and taken to the delivery area must:

  • Be moved with the most appropriate mechanical means.
  • Be accompanied by an exit document, a referral note or an invoice.
  • Be reviewed in quality and quantity, by comparing the merchandise with the exit document.
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