Know the variety of types of storage that exist

Taking into account the product and its characteristics, we can determine the degree of environmental protection it requires, whether in a controlled, covered or discovered enclosure.
-COVERED STORAGE: It is the one that offers the greatest protection to the elements and materials stored there, since it is possible to control various variables such as humidity, temperature, lighting and many others that directly influence the preservation and useful life of the products. There are brick, cement, specialized canvas, metal panels and even materials that help to preserve the temperature.
-UNCOVERED STORAGE: are those that are outdoors and without any special control outside the security, because there are stored products that by their nature are not highly affected by climatic or environmental conditions: cars, some construction materials and by general norm non-perishable products.
-STORAGE OF RAW MATERIALS: It is the primary storage within the production chain and is generally located as close as possible to the production plant or place of transformation.
-STORAGE OF INTERMEDIATE PRODUCTS: it is where those elements that have already undergone an assembly or manufacturing process but are still in an intermediate stage are stored, serving as a link between the different phases of the production line. They must be located inside the factory since they handle very short waiting times for their use.
-STORAGE OF FINISHED PRODUCTS: The quantity of products stored there is directly proportional to the guidelines, projections of the company and consumer demand for them.
-STORAGE OF PLANT OR HOME MATRIX: It is the one that is closer to the production plant. Its objectives are to reduce transport and handling costs, be the holder of the main stock and distribute to regional warehouses.
-ALQUILED WAREHOUSE AND RENTING: these are the most used options because they do not need an initial investment and their costs vary in relation to the needs of the business. The renting for its part, assumes maintenance services and contemplates longer periods of use.
There are a variety of warehouses and there are many factors to consider when deciding which of these will be the appropriate option.

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