Investment in Nuevo León in the face of the pandemic

The industry in Nuevo León has always been characterized by being one of the strongest, and important since it keeps up-to-date both in technology and in standards and safety, for this reason given recent events and the “New normality” it’s facing in , efforts have been made to keep the industry afloat.

For this second half of 2020, Nuevo León reaffirms the commitment with its investors, workers and employees, to continue being a source of work and investment for the best national or international brands, seeking to maintain the statistics with which we started the year.

Currently, Nuevo León is one of the states with the greatest foreign investment, since, in the first months of 2020, it received a direct foreign investment of $ 143.1 million dollars, a figure that represents 11% of the total investment captured in the entire country. .

The investment captured at the beginning of this year, comes mainly from the neighboring country of the North, with 70% of total investments, followed by the Netherlands with 18% and Spain with 13%, with the main sectors in motion, the manufacturing industry. with 58%, followed by commerce with 16%, and financial services with 9%.

Although the pandemic is a factor that influences the state’s economy, the actions taken to cope with it have generated certainty for future investments.

Nuevo león is still a state to invest in, and it seeks to maintain this perspective before the National and World industry.

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