Lean Manufacturing Techniques

Lean Manufacturing is much more than just a way to cut costs and eliminate waste in your business. A using Lean, you can ensure improving the quality of their work and deliver exactly what the customer needs on time every time.
These are the main benefits that companies obtain when implementing Lean Manufacturing.
1.- Contributes to the improvement of productivity
By discarding unproductive processes, great improvements in the company’s performance are achieved.
2.- Greater customer satisfaction
Lean Manufacturing focuses on satisfying the precise needs of the client, ensuring that the product is delivered at the time and place required by it.
3.- Costs reduction
At the same time that the production processes are optimized, unnecessary costs are reduced that used to be used for activities that did not provide benefits to the company.
4.- Inventory Reduction
Under this management model it is sought to minimize ‘wastefulness’, thus reducing overproduction and allowing savings in inventory management.
The application of lean strategy allows the company to remain competitive in price as well as in the effectiveness of the services offered.
Lean focuses not only on quality control but also on quantity control to eliminate waste and reduce costs. What is wanted with this methodology is to improve and intensify production, by reducing and even eliminating quantifiable waste in manufacturing
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