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In any logistics process, the proper management and optimization of a warehouse is key to generating added value to the chain. Within these points it takes great importance aspects such as picking and packing.
Picking is the process of preparing orders. The objective of the picking process is to select, organize the products in the warehouse before packaging and start-up for the final customer. The order preparation process can be manual, automated or mixed. The space where the merchandise is prepared is called “picking area”.
On the contrary, packing is the packaging process of the product. It begins when the product has physical properties, chemical behaviors and even the biological evolution of the product. It must be taken into account, since it will be the first view of the product by the customer, and in the processes of storage and transportation.
The process that take the picking and packing are:

  • Reception of orders.
  • Introduction in the system.
  • The system confirms the route to optimize the picking.
  • Once you have all the units of the picking organized you proceed to pack them according to the “packing” order.
  • You must attach a delivery note and invoice to the order and indicate the destination of the order. In addition, the weight of the order must be registered in the system and in the delivery note.
  • Organize the orders by pallets depending on the destination.

The order picking process consume more than half the costs of a warehouse. For that reason, optimizing the process is an important task to carry out if we want to have an efficient warehouse.
This combination of distribution and technology solutions offers a seamless supply chain control controlled by Metrics Mexico.

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