Lithium from Mexico will go to the automotive industry, advances AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that the state company that will be in charge of the exploration and exploitation of lithium in Mexico will supply this material to the automotive industry established in the country.

This with the objective of keeping Mexico an attractive country for investment, strengthening the industry and continuing to install auto parts production plants. Although this sector will be a priority, the president does not rule out diversifying the lithium trade.

“It’s not, let’s see I have this input that is important and I sell it to anyone, yes it can be, but the priority is to strengthen the automotive industry.”

The national lithium company is planned as a decentralized public body in the reform of the Mining Law proposed by López Obrador and approved in ‘fast track’ on April 18. Although the law establishes that its creation would take place within 90 business days following the publication of the decree, the government has not reported any progress on the issue.

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