Logistics and other sectors that are already emerging with cross-border activity

Mexico remained the first commercial partner of the United States between January and May 2021, with a participation of 14.7% and the forecast that it will increase imports, exports and, potentially, commercial services, where logistics stands out among the most requested.

Why is this important? The United States is the world’s largest importer and its economic recovery is rapid after offering in March 1.9 trillion dollars in additional fiscal support and maintaining a broad advance in vaccination against the covid-19 pandemic.

“Mexico can benefit a lot in the service sector, because value chains are going to shorten with relocation (nearshoring) and the cost of labor in Mexico is low within the North American region,” he said. Gregorio Canales, CEO of the North America Investment Solutions consultancy.
Through electronic commerce, the country can attract a greater number of customers who require logistics services, especially related to imports, since local companies have the comparative advantage of proximity.

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