Logistics and Technology in Mexico

Logistics is one of the industries that has been most impacted by technology in recent decades. The introduction of new technologies has allowed logistics companies to be more efficient, fast and accurate in the delivery of products and services. Additionally, technology has created new opportunities for logistics companies to improve their processes and offer more personalized services to their customers.

Technologies that have had a major impact on logistics include:

The Internet of Things (IoT): IoT technology enables logistics companies to collect real-time data on the location, status, and performance of products and assets. This allows them to optimize delivery routes, reduce delivery times and improve overall efficiency.

Artificial intelligence (AI): AI is used in logistics to analyze vast amounts of data and improve the accuracy of demand forecasting, route planning, and inventory management. Additionally, AI can also be used to automate delivery processes, reducing the risk of human error.

Robotics: Robots are increasingly being used in logistics to perform high-precision, repetitive tasks such as storage and sorting of products. This reduces lead time and improves the efficiency of the process.

Augmented reality (AR): AR allows logistics companies to provide their workers with real-time information about the products and the tasks they must perform. This improves the efficiency and accuracy of the delivery process.

In summary, technology has had a great impact on logistics, allowing companies to be more efficient and offer more personalized services to their customers. It is expected that in the coming years, the impact of technology in logistics will continue to grow and that companies that do not adopt these technologies will be left behind in the competition.

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