Logistics challenges, technology is the answer

The shortage of carriers and the lack of units for cargo transportation are two of the great logistics challenges that companies face today. However, these problems are not only significant today, but will become more relevant in the future. Above all, considering that there will be 36% more delivery vehicles in cities by 2030, according to the report The Future of the Last-Mile Ecosystem, prepared by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

This increase in volume is the result of changes in consumer habits, who increasingly demand that their deliveries be perfect and that they arrive in the shortest possible time.

According to reports from the International Road Transport Union (IRU), the shortage of carriers in the world is 2.6 million and, by the end of 2022, the number of vacancies for freight truck operators will increase by 40%. In the case of Mexico, this figure rises to 54 thousand drivers, and this challenge extends throughout Latin America.

Technology helps companies meet the challenges of the logistics and transportation industry. Therefore, those seeking to optimize their fleet should opt for the adoption of technology.

To overcome the shortage of carriers and simplify their work, transportation technology makes the tasks linked to the activity easier and more practical for those who execute them. Regarding safety, its route planning system considers areas restricted to vehicular circulation due to traffic or danger. The technology is adapting to the needs of current logistics networks.

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