Logistics in Mexico works well: US Department of Commerce

Logistics in Mexico works well, though not without some concerns, called the United States Department of Commerce.

Basically, Mexico is a leading global logistics center, largely based on its 13 trade agreements with 50 countries. Specifically, the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (most recent year) ranks Mexico 51st out of 160 countries in terms of logistics efficiency.

In fact, transportation and logistics services are expensive in Mexico, accounting for 8-15% of product costs in Mexico, compared to the 5-7% range in the United States.

According to the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) of Mexico, 60% of Mexican products for internal consumption travel by land in trucks, 14% by train and 26% by ship.

The Commerce Department indicates that the Mexican government seeks to reduce transportation costs throughout the economy to increase competitiveness and facilitate supply chains.

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