Manufacturing and mining are the sectors that will help the economy the most in 2022

Mexico’s proximity to the US will help economic activity, but will not be enough for GDP to grow close to pre-pandemic levels, warns the private sector. 

Export manufacturing and mining are projected as the sectors that will recover the fastest and help Mexico’s economy the most in 2022, according to information from Fitch Ratings.

“The sectors that will perform best this year will be export manufacturing and mining as it operates under commodity prices, which are expected to recover in 2022, as well as the sectors that benefit from these activities, which are logistics, transportation and industrial real estate,” shared Alberto Moreno, senior director of Fitch Ratings, during Fitch Ratings’ Credit Outlook Latin America forum.

He explained that the manufacturing sector in Mexico will recover due to the demand for light manufacturing from the United States, in addition to the recent growth of digital commerce, which also favors the telecommunications sector, broadband and cell phone services.

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