Metrics Mexico provides the quality services that your industry needs

MES is an Organization dedicated to solving problems for our customers, taking advantage of global manufacturing resources and developing understandable solutions in the supply chain.
At Metrics Works we provide first-rate services for the industry, including quality inspections, sub-assembly, rework, storage and more.
 Know what each service consists of:
Inspection and Rework: offers third-party quality inspections to a variety of industries, including automotive, plastics, electricity, electronics and metal.
We take care of the repair of manufactured parts that save you money. Our goal is to provide rework services that provide you with the highest quality merchandise.
Cleaning and subassembly: If you have contamination in your material, we help you clean it, remove all dust, dots and burrs your client’s products as if they were new.
If you have a request to repackage the material or label any product, we have staff available to attend your rules.
Storage and logistics: we offer the most flexible entry and exit benefits in the market, key to today’s competitive global environment. We guarantee the best inventory reliability and protect your material in excellent condition, ensuring the best customer service.

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