Mexico and Canada in dialogue on energy issue

Resilient supply chains and the creation of opportunities for Mexicans and Canadians are among the topics that Raquel Buenrostro and Mary Ng addressed.

The three States that make up the T-MEC are in the process of consulting on Mexico’s energy policy, since they feel that there is unequal treatment for private companies in favor of the Mexican State companies Pemex and CFE, to try to reach an agreement without the need for a panel of experts.

For her part, Minister Ng shared on Twitter that they also talked about the commitments of both countries in the T-MEC, as well as resilient supply chains and the creation of opportunities for Mexican and Canadian workers.

In another matter related to chapter 31 of the T-MEC -dispute settlement-, it is expected that this month the ruling of the international panel on the interpretation of the rules of origin made by the United States will be known.

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