Mexico and its logistics opportunities within the T-MEC

Mexico has a new opportunity to take advantage of its insertion within the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) in logistics, but it requires an adaptation of the regulatory framework to facilitate trade, invest in service infrastructure, comply with the environmental agreements, legal certainty, among others.

“Many of them are already in operation and very well-developed, but we need more comprehensive progress from the largest, medium and small companies in all areas, production and distribution,” said Eduardo Asperó, vice president for Mexico at the Hub Group.

During his presentation International trade and global regionalization within the 9th International Congress on Logistics and Supply Chain, he commented, however, that applying the rule of law is fundamental.

“It is an issue that has to be resolved urgently. The interruption of the railroad tracks is something that has to be stopped now, this is to negotiate at the regional, local level, that any instance can be negotiated without interruption of general communication routes, particularly the railroad tracks. In this context, guaranteeing the non-interruption of both railways and highways, bridges, etc., is a fundamental issue for the reliability of logistics processes in Mexico ”, he stated.

He also said that the handling of merchandise is required to be carried out with absolute security to maintain the confidence of the supply chains in the T-MEC region, as well as the certainty of investments in infrastructure and services, customs simplification and transport regulation, trade facilitation, in addition to a commitment to the environment and labor issues

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