Mexico bets on Nearshoring

In concept, Nearshoring aims for companies to bring their supply chain closer to other regions. One of the effects of the pandemic is the recognition of the need to have a supply of inputs close to the production centers. The world now understands that the risk of having China as the “factory of the world” is very high and for this reason the concept of nearshoring has been promoted, which gives them greater flexibility for the commercialization of their goods and services with lower transportation costs.

The United States is Mexico’s main trading partner and has, together with Canada, signed a free trade agreement which, according to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), would bring a potential benefit for Mexico of 35.3 billion dollars due to of nearshoring; which are explained by exports that would increase, in the short and medium terms, by more than 32.3 billion dollars with the United States and 2.9 billion with Latin America.

Without a doubt, Mexican companies that provide goods and services to the United States will benefit the most, since Mexico would obtain 67.8% of the estimated benefits for the entire Latin American region. The interest and actions are already perceived in a large number of investment projects in various parts of the country, particularly in the central and northern areas, in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

Chambers, business representation associations and companies need to pay attention to this opportunity, providing information and studies that make it easier for companies to generate projects. This is undoubtedly an opportunity, the government, companies and all economic agents must take action to achieve it; It’s time to take advantage of it.


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