Mexico “The New China”

Marcelo Ebrard, Mexican Foreign Minister, affirms that in the Middle East there is interest in reaching Mexico. “The foreign minister of the Emirates (United Arabs) -Zayed Al Nahyan- told me: ‘why don’t we make a free trade logistics agreement? Because you are the new China”, recalled the foreign minister during the XXVIII Mexican Foreign Trade Summit that was held this Thursday in CDMX.

Mexico has advantages that make it attractive for the arrival of companies and investment, such as its geographical location, being a bridge between Asia and Europe, and its skilled workforce, said Luis de la Calle, a partner at the De la Calle Madrazo Mancera law firm. .

The foreign minister announced that Mexico has its sights set on sectors such as the creative sector, which represents 8% of GDP – the same as the automotive sector – and electromobility. “We will do precision shots to bring us this type of economic activity,” he assured.

The free trade agreements it has with more than 50 countries also play in Mexico’s favor. However, De la Calle stressed, there are pending issues, including providing an adequate rule of law and offering clean, competitive and diversified energy.

In energy matters, the three partners of the T-MEC are in the consultation process, seeking an agreement on the policy that the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has implemented in the matter.

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