Outsourcing in storage: what is it?

Managing and maximizing the efficiency of warehouses isn’t something everyone can do. Outsourcing these tasks so that the organization is dedicated to what it knows how to do can reduce costs.
In these times of greater competitiveness, companies seek to use the methods and systems that make them more competitive and efficient. Changes that contribute to these objectives are made more flexible, and one of them is to optimize management systems (storage, inventories, etc.), a subject that is vital for the proper functioning of warehouses.
Outsourcing or subcontracting is the management or execution of a business function by an external provider. The company that subcontracts transfers part of the administrative and operational control to the subcontracted company, so that it can perform its tasks without any problem. There must be a high degree of trust between the subcontractor and the subcontracted company, since both carry out an important exchange of information and must coordinate on a permanent basis.
The subcontracting of a warehouse to control the material to a specialized company supposes greater agility in the handling of the transferred processes, shorter processing times, as well as the reduction of operative and labor costs. In this way, the subcontractor company will add value for the benefit of its customers and products, and will be able to devote itself better to the turn of your business, which will contribute to improving your sales results.
Among the specific services offered by companies that provide outsourcing in warehouse management are the optimization in the management of the period that is recorded from when an order is placed, until the receipt of materials; the implementation of High, Low and Modification procedures; the optimization and maintenance of the storage system (software) and physical distribution; shelter and conservation of materials; identification and handling of materials with RFID barcode and radio frequency tags; control of the entry and exit of materials and merchandise from the warehouse; cross docking per product and per order.
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