Personnel employed in manufacturing increased 3.8% annually

The Monthly Survey of the Manufacturing Industry (EMIM) corresponding to July presented an annual increase of 3.83% (or 160,623 people) in the number of people belonging to the total employed personnel for the manufacturing industries, according to original figures.

When making the comparison with respect to its pre-pandemic level (July 2019), the total employed personnel for the manufacturing industries shows a decrease of 0.19%. In the interior, 11 of the 21 sub sectors have managed to recover their pre-pandemic level.

The industries that presented the greatest recovery with respect to their pre-pandemic level in the month of July were: Manufacture of accessories, electrical appliances and electrical power generation equipment (10.29%), Manufacture of textile products, except clothing (10.00 %), Other manufacturing industries (9.36%), Manufacture of machinery and equipment (5.24%) and Manufacture of computer, communication and measurement equipment and other electronic equipment, components and accessories (4.99%).

Advances in Manufacture of electrical accessories and appliances and Manufacture of computer equipment and electronic accessories continue to be driven by increases in demand for these products, given the change in consumption patterns that originated at the beginning of the pandemic.

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