Prices in the Mexican logistics sector rise 5.12%

Prices in the logistics and transportation sector in Mexico showed a rebound of 5.12% last January at the annual rate, but in the measurement against the previous month (December 2021) they registered a decrease of 3.74%, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

In 2021, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic put pressure on most supply chains on a global scale, which in the most extreme cases did not allow goods to leave the main manufacturing countries, such as China, which also translated into an imbalance of equipment (containers and ships) in the world, causing prices in the maritime sector to reach historical highs.

The INEGI indicated that the National Index of Total Producer Prices, including oil, registered a monthly increase of 0.61% and an annual one of 9.78 percent. In the same month of 2021, it increased 1.11% at the monthly rate and 5.29% at the annual rate.

The logistics and transport sector is sensitive to economic movements, as it quickly suffers from variations in market demand, coupled with insecurity and social problems (demonstrations or blockades), new regulations, staff shortages and even abrupt changes in the environment.

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