Six Sigma benefits

The main purpose of Six sigma is to achieve customer satisfaction, in that order it focuses on understanding their needs, collecting information, and through a statistical analysis finding opportunities for improvement, a consistent improvement.
By implementing Six sigma in your industry allows:

  • Ensure quality in each job (unnecessary control).
  • Educate people to improve quality.
  • Ensures the sustainability and profitability of business.
  • Design and develop capable processes, products and services.

Learn about the advantages of Six sigma:
Waste disposal: Waste is everywhere and causes greater complexity in the processes, which in turn delays work and disrupts the entire system. Six Sigma guarantees waste disposal with the use of quality tools such as 5S.
Better quality: Six Sigma is a tool that improves quality. In either case, it achieves a constant result of the process and reduces the variation of this and its defects, which results in the reduction of the poor quality of services and products.
Finding the root cause: The Root Cause Analysis is a part of Six Sigma that analyzes the problem in depth to discover its cause. If we know the root cause of the problem, it is easier to take the necessary steps to find the solution or simply eliminate it completely.
Customer Satisfaction: Six Sigma has a unique tool called Voice of the Customer, which helps to meet the wishes and needs of customers. This tool ensures that the company meets expectations and provides complete customer satisfaction.
Process improvement: Six Sigma guarantees the improvement of administrative processes in a company through the use of the DMAIC methodology, which can also be implemented anywhere in the organization. Six Sigma can help reduce the cost and time spent hiring an employee.
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