Six trends that will determine the future of the logistics sector in Mexico

The current logistics sector is linked to that of new technologies. This is due both to the digital transformation that has impacted society (for example, in the way sales are carried out and the role of e-commerce), as well as the need to optimize processes related to the supply chain that characterizes the activity of the sector.

In this way, we find ourselves in a sector that has evolved to become an indispensable part of today’s trade and where technological innovations determine the speed and success of its operations. Let’s look at some of the most outstanding that will determine the direction of logistics evolution in the coming decades.

1) Warehouse robotization: The implementation of automated systems and robots for tasks that are more tedious or that require greater physical strength, give support to human workers and facilitate many of the functions of warehouses or warehouses.

2) On Demand systems and services: refers to logistics services that are paid only when they are used, it is a flexible and individualized model

3) The value of big data: Thanks to this technology, the distribution of goods can be adapted to elements such as current weather conditions, real-time traffic, as well as the demands and preferences of customers in the last mile phase.

4) Security with blockchain: Technology that is based on the creation of a single record of information, but distributed over several nodes. It is a system that allows improving digital security in all areas in which it is applied, from the logistics sector to operations with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

5) Advantages in eCommerce: It is necessary to establish channels that allow taking the product from the point of sale to the consumer.

6) the importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning: Applied to the logistics sector, these complementary technologies will allow, little by little, the automation of warehouses and merchandise distribution processes to become more and more autonomous.

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