Storage: Push-back, Do you know him?

The Push-Back works with the LIFO (Last in, First out) principle. It is considered a high density system, whose operation of products is carried out in batches, with expiration in the medium term, so it is ideal for distribution centers.
Learn about the advantages of Push-Back in industrial storage:

Available space savings: The push-back shelf provides an optimization in the use of the available space compared to conventional shelves, since it gives us the possibility of locating up to 4 pallets in depth per level.

Saving time: Push-back shelves allow us to reduce the handling time of the load due to the reduction of the truck’s travels.

Versatility: It adapts to the changing needs of the company, since it is a system characterized by its ease of installation and modification.

Safety: The push-back shelves ensure stability, resistance and durability, complying with current regulations regarding industrial storage systems.

The Push-Back compared to other systems, is considered to increase storage capacity by up to 75%.

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