Supply chain trends this 2019

External pressures, technological trends and internal evolution are driving companies to reevaluate their network to determine how their future supply chain should be structured, both in terms of capacity and capacity.
Learn about supply chain trends:
1.-Emerging technologies: drones, autonomous intelligence and robotic automation will eventually transform storage and transport, which will create networks that can be seen and operated in a very different way from today’s.
2.-Focus on the visibility of the supply chain: the Internet of things, Big Data and data transparency will improve the ability of organizations to gain visibility into the real-time status of their supply chain network, that gives them the ability to respond quickly to problems.
3.-Shared economy: On-demand storage and on-demand logistics will allow organizations to be more flexible in the way they operate their supply chain. Lower capital expenditures and greater adaptability are likely to be attractive to organizations in rapidly evolving industries.
4.-Evolution of customer channels: there is a continuous change that moves away from traditional retail to direct shipping to the consumer. This requires a supply chain with different capacities from those that currently exist.
If the company has recently undergone a strategic transformation, it’s crucial to capture the impacts of the new strategic direction in the supply chain.
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