The importance of logistics

The importance of logistics is given by the need to improve customer service, attention and satisfaction, deepening the development of the market analysis and distribution phases under a cost sizing profile.
Business logistics has gained strength because the markets have become more demanding, firms have to compete with companies around the world and must best serve each and every one of their customers, in addition, the emergence of new Information technologies have resulted in shorter transaction times and costs, this has forced companies to take logistics management more seriously if they want to remain competitive.
Including logistics in a company will bring the following benefits.

  • Increase competitiveness and improve the profitability of companies to meet the challenge of globalization.
  • Optimize national and international commercial logistics management and management.
  • Optimal coordination of all the factors that influence the purchase decision: quality, reliability, price, packaging, distribution, protection, service.

In this way, the vision of the work on logistics can be broadened for consideration as a key element for the planning mechanisms of the company’s internal and external activities.
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