The Industries of the future in Mexico

With the Industrial Transformation Mexico platform, it is sought that our country evolve from a manufacturing economy with high added value to one focused on the knowledge economy.

Today, Mexico is among the five largest importers of advanced digital manufacturing technologies and belongs to the cluster of 40 economies that consume more than 50% of high-tech imports globally. This fact directs us to be leaders in Industry 4.0 in the region in the following decades.

The average age in the country is only 29 years old, which is why Mexico has the advantage of being the perfect partner for those highly industrial nations, with a lot of capital and technology, but with a great lack of young and motivated talent.

The emergence, diffusion and rapid adoption of advanced digital production technologies have an imminent impact on the future of jobs, where the increase in demand for new digital skills will become a determining factor in the type of jobs that will be available and the people who can carry them out.

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