The Key to Mexican Trade

Mexico has a key geographical position for world trade. Not only is it an important trading partner and immediate neighbor of the United States, but it also serves as the gateway to the countries of Central and South America.

Since the middle of last year, that position on the map, complemented by other factors such as problems with supply chains caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, tensions between the United States and China, and the Free Trade Agreement between Mexico, The United States and Canada (T-MEC) have given rise to nearshoring.

Being adjacent to the United States and having various facilities to bring goods to that country by the T-MEC, Mexico has positioned itself as an extremely attractive territory at a global level.

In economic matters, the country benefits substantially from this global operational ‘move’. The Inter-American Development Bank pointed to Mexico as the country that will obtain the most profits from nearshoring in Latin America, with the potential to obtain up to 35.3 billion dollars a year from the export of goods.

At the regional level, the same organization points out, nearshoring in the short and medium term could represent an increase of up to 78,000 million in new exports of goods and services, with important opportunities in industries such as the automotive, textile, pharmaceutical and renewable energies, among others. others.

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