The pandemic accelerated the growth of the logistics sector in Mexico

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The logistics industry is a strategic pillar for growth worldwide. According to the Logistics Index in Emerging Markets 2021, Mexico is positioned in seventh place with a score of 5.91 points, where more than 50 countries participate, this ranking annually measures the conditions for the actors involved in the supply chain.

Although, within the Latin American region, Chile was in the same position (12), while Brazil had no movement (16), Uruguay climbed one step (23), Peru remained similar (25), Colombia fell one ( 27), Ecuador won one (35), Argentina dropped 5 places (36); Paraguay rose 2 places (43), Bolivia remained in the same position (44) and Venezuela once again in the last position of the logistics index.

Against this background, the pandemic accelerated the processes of the logistics sector to such a degree that new needs were identified in the market. In this sense, adaptation and resilience became an area of ​​opportunity for logistics operators, optimizing resources, shortening cycles in processes, reducing costs and improving the overall product offering that translated into greater flexibility for users of these services.

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