The reinvention of the logistics model at Amazon

The growth of its infrastructure and distribution, more trained personnel, the incorporation of vehicles with new technologies and the redesign of its logistics, are its strategies.

In these years, the e-commerce giant has redesigned solutions to establish a robust and flexible network capable of bringing each package to the door of homes and offices in a timely manner. In addition to that it has invested 13 billion pesos until 2020 and generated more than 7,500 jobs.

Diana Frances, who joined the company six years ago and today is the Director of Logistics at Amazon Mexico, has had to see all that evolution “that magic” -as she calls it- of the logistics network that today is capable of daily delivering hundreds of thousands of packages from Tijuana to Mérida.

In an interview, the logistics director indicated that they have created a supply network, rethinking their 10 shipping centers, since they have become very concentrated in CDMX and surrounding municipalities. “Now we have other cities that are important due to their population density, such as: Guadalajara and Monterrey; as well as other remote locations such as Tijuana, Hermosillo and Mérida to be close to customers and gain speed to run the last mile more efficiently,” she indicated.

Diana Frances reiterated that the client is their main objective and that by knowing and understanding their needs, they are clear about how they are going to structure the chain.

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