They will create a logistics and transportation intelligence and innovation center in Mexico

The Mexican Institute of Transport (IMT) will seek to promote the creation of a national intelligence center for innovation in transport and logistics, with which it is intended to digitize and analyze in a better way the information generated in various poles of logistics activities and thus develop improvement projects.

“We have done tests in the port of Veracruz, and we have realized how it also has immense potential, being able to identify where barriers to fluidity are being created, in such a way that by identifying them and generating improvement projects we can streamline this movement of goods and make the supply chains that are going to circulate in that territory more competitive ”, said Gastón Cedillo, researcher and technical manager of the National Laboratory on Transport and Logistics Systems, of the IMT, during his participation in the 6th World Forum of Cities and Logistics Platforms.

The also founding president of the Mexican Association of Logistics and Supply Chain commented that this project aims to promote the digitization of logistics in Mexico, while improving the design, maintenance and operation of the infrastructure because it allows identifying where they are being generated bottlenecks and know their operating status, and at the same time monitor the fluidity of the movement of cargo, which allows establishing measures to reduce the impact of these delays in various sections of the infrastructure in certain logistics platforms and, above all, to promote the collaborative work between different federal agencies to generate a more effective and safe logistics.

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