We show you all about INDUSTRIAL SHELVES

The specifications of a metal shelf are the basis for a safe design of it.

  • In order to obtain a secure design, at least the following information must be provided to the installation designer.
  • Geographical situation of the place where the metal shelves are located.
  • Nature, characteristics and soil resistance.
  • Characteristics of the building and surface where the shelves are located, with the specification of exposure to wind, weather, seismology, chemical agents, etc.
  • Characteristics of the largest maintenance equipment to be used, (maximum permissible load, dimensional requirements, number of masts, maximum working heights, turning radius, operating tolerances, etc.).
  • Work system (work shifts, load rotation, shipment preparation, etc.)
  • Characteristics of the merchandise and palletized cargo units to be stored including pallets, with forks and other supports used for the cargo unit.
  • All available information on possible future changes (planned extensions, change of palletizing system, stored products, etc.)
  • Specific regulations to be met by the installation depending on the type of merchandise stored.

Minimum protection requirements should be considered in industrial shelving.
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